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Royal Dutch Army Order of Battle – May 10th, 1940


The intention of this study (the provisional results are published on this home page) is to provide a detailed and reliable OOB of the Dutch Army in 1940.

For each company, the personnel strength is given, as is the number of machine guns and the number of weapons of calibre 20 mm and above. For transport units, engineer units etc, vehicles that represent the ‘business side’ of the unit (a transport unit is meant to move things, so its capacity depends on the number and payload of trucks) have been indicated too. Vehicles within those units that are used for other tasks are indicated as ‘other cars’.

Where possible, I have tried to represent the actual strength, where that has not been possible the organic strength has been indicated. All information from the book ‘oorlogsorganisatiën’ (plus updates) as well as the Supplement represents organic strength.

The information on these web pages is not definitive, it is ‘under construction’. Pages will be updated and more pages will be added when more information is available.

Rogier Peeters

– General Order of Battle
– Opperbevelhebber der Land- en Zeestrijdkrachten
– Commando Luchtverdediging
– Etappen- en Verkeersdienst
– Commandant Veldleger
– I Legerkorps
– II Legerkorps
– III Legerkorps
– IV Legerkorps
– 1e Divisie
– 2e Divisie
– 3e Divisie
– 4e Divisie
– 5e Divisie
– 6e Divisie
– 7e Divisie
– 8e Divisie
– Lichte Divisie
– Peel Divisie
    – Vak Schaijk
    – Vak Erp
    – Vak Bakel
    – Vak Asten
    – Vak Weert
– Brigade A
– Brigade B
– Brigade G
– Luchtverdedigingskring Amsterdam
– Luchtverdedigingskring Rotterdam / ‘s Gravenhage
– Luchtverdedigingskring Utrecht / Soesterberg
– Vesting Holland
    – Oostfront Vesting Holland
    – Westfront Vesting Holland
    – Groep Spui – Vesting Holland
    – Groep Kil – Vesting Holland
– Territoriaal Bevelhebber Overijssel
– Territoriaal Bevelhebber Friesland
– Territoriaal Bevelhebber Zuid-Limburg
– Commando Zeeland
– Stelling Den Helder

– Inspecteur der Artillerie
– Inspecteur der Genie
– Inspecteur Militaire Luchtvaart

– Map of the Netherlands
– Symbols
– Abbreviations

– Sources
– Links
– What’s new